About Us

vwmemorabilia.com.au is an Australian importer and wholesaler of licensed Volkswagen diecast cars in metal and plastic.

Our range includes 1:24 ,or 7 inch, diecast replica designs in Volkswagen Kombis and VW Beetles and 1:32, or 5 inch, diecast replica designs also in Volkswagen Kombis and Beetles.

We also have a range of classic Volkswagen Kombi & Beetle diecast models in plastic that are fitted with USB 2.0 Flash Drives with a large capacity of 16GB.

Our products make for great retro memorabilia and decor, and the pullback models make great quality classic fun.

Order our Official Volkswagen products  at Coastal Designs Decor Diecast Volkswagen  Online store.


For information about Classic Volkswagen Clubs and restorations see Volkswagenwerk Classic and Vintage Club of Australia